Silver linings to COVID19 – best things to read, listen to, and watch in April 2020

The tragedy of COVID19 from a health and economic perspective is unparalleled.


For our own wellbeing, we do need to find the silver linings and there have been many. From a personal perspective, I have enjoyed the small things. A daily (and very gentle) cycle with Sarah my non-cycling wife, family meals and more time to write – to name just a few.

I’ve also appreciated the goodwill of many great people who have clubbed together to provide content for the world at this crazy time. I’ll continue to provide recommendations to the best things to read, listen to, and to watch as it helps us all grow by learning different perspectives. For the avoidance of doubt different is good.


Best things to read, listen to, and watch in April 2020


Brainfood Marathon


Hung Lee completed a marathon on April 14. Not a running marathon but a 24-hour broadcasting marathon. I remember as a young student walking for 24 hours – it was pretty exhausting – so live streaming for that length of time was quite the herculean effort. The sessions are still available so go and take a look at Brainfood Marathon.


Speak Aid 2020


It’s Wednesday and we are three days in to Speak Aid 2020. Dan Pontefract of The Purpose Effect fame has pulled together an exceptional list of Forbes 50 speakers – again it’s well worth the listen. Roger L. Martin yesterday was a joy to listen to – and he liked one of my Tweets #starstruck.


HumansFirst Club Rally Day


If you get your skates on, my final recommendation is one you can listen to live. On April 30, the HumansFirst Club Rally Day looks like it’s going to be a great day. HumansFirst Club was the brainchild of fellow podcaster Mike Vacanti and it’s a great virtual stage of folks. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Bob Chapman speak – he’s one of my human leadership heroes.


As you see, lots of silver linings we have here in April, and I’d encourage you to take the time to engage in some of these great sessions.


Mark Edgar

Mark Edgar – a recovering CHRO and Founder of Goat Rodeo Project, a consulting firm designed to help you predict and avoid train wrecks. For the avoidance of doubt, we’re in a goat rodeo. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for more HR-related ramblings. It would be great to catch-up.