I’m Mark Edgar – founder of Goat Rodeo Project. If you’re still wondering how I came up with that name, let me explain.

It’s been inspired by many people and many more experiences over many years – plus some goats!

I am passionate about helping people and believe that sustainable success comes from taking a human approach to your organization.

I launched Goat Rodeo Project in March 2020 to help make work more human by helping people to achieve their potential and feel a greater sense of belonging.

I am pleased with the impact I had assisting organizations to succeed through their people by creating forward-thinking, purpose-driven, and healthy workplaces. I also had the opportunity to work with a number of HR teams to develop a new set of capabilities to deal with the ever-changing work environment. And I coached a variety of individual leaders to help them achieve their full potential by increasing their self-awareness.

In January 2023, an exciting opportunity came up for me to return to the corporate world as Chief People Officer for Wajax, so while I’ll be putting the goats out to pasture for a while, I’m on that same journey of making work more human… just with a slight detour.

How I live my life

Unsurprisingly, I take a human approach to living life. I build strong relationships based on a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect.


  • Building communities where people from all backgrounds can learn from each other
  • Co-creating ways to make the world of work (and life!) better — that’s where the magic happens
  • Using my network to inspire and help me


  • Ensuring that my thoughtful approach has a positive impact on the world
  • Caring for the people around me and always being ready to lend an ear
  • Helping people fulfil their dreams and reach for the stars


  • Stepping off the beaten path to find new and unique ways of doing things
  • Encouraging curiosity and looking beyond your current reality
  • Being a goat – have fun and remember to not to take ourselves too seriously

Connect here

While I won’t be directly supporting companies and HR teams for the foreseeable future, I am always delighted to connect with people to share my experiences and to learn so do feel free to get in touch.

I’ll also share a newsletter with the things that inspire me along the journey – feel free to sign-up for that in the section below.