My Story

I’m Mark Edgar – founder of Goat Rodeo Project. If you’re still wondering how I came up with that name, let me explain.

It’s been inspired by many people and many more experiences over many years – plus some goats!

I am passionate about helping people and believe that sustainable success comes from taking a human approach to your organization.

Goat Rodeo Project is the opportunity to help people to achieve their potential and feel a sense of belonging.

I want to help organizations succeed through their people by building forward-thinking, purpose-driven, and healthy places to work.

I dedicated my corporate career to doing this through several executive HR roles across multiple sectors. I’ve worked in the UK and Canada for leading organizations including RSA, Centrica and Sky, as they went through their own major transformations and built HR strategies and HR teams that delivered sustainable value.

I have always been curious by nature and am a lifelong student of all things related to the new world of work. This led me to developing a number of side hustles that have provided me with huge learnings

1I am co-founder of future foHRward which is committed to providing HR professionals with the best content in an engaging and supportive environment so they can do great work for their organizations.
2Since arriving in Canada in 2011, I have been a member of Strategic Capability Network — a diverse group of business leaders and top-level HR professionals. I sit on the Board and Chair the programming committee to help ensure we deliver the best content and community to our members.
3I am co-founder of Your Leadership Future and Millennial Crusade. These active communities are dedicated to building leadership capabilities in the (much misunderstood!) millennial generation.
Like life, Goat Rodeo Project is a journey so after more than 25 years of corporate life, it is my next chapter.

It’s the opportunity to make an even bigger impact by dedicating my life to helping organizations and people avoid train wrecks and thrive in the new world of work.

Alongside Goat Rodeo Project I have a passion for music, cycling and football (aka soccer). I am constantly inspired and grounded by my amazing family of the two and four-legged varieties.

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